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Redout: Trainer +4 v1.1.0 {CheatHappens.com}
06.01.2017, 10:17

Using this Trainer:

Launch the trainer first, then launch the Game and then Press F1 at the Main Menu.

Listen for "Activated".

Press desired option key


Options in Promo:

Numpad 3: Unlimited Energy



Numpad 1: Damage Reduction

Numpad 2: Freeze AI Racers

Numpad 3: Unlimited Energy

Numpad 4: Super Boost



Numpad 1: Damage Reduction - toggle this on and damage to your vehicle is greatly reduced.  This option is a MUST if you are going to use Super Boost.

Numpad 2: Freeze AI Racers - toggle this on and the AI racers slow to a stop.

Numpad 3: Unlimited Energy - toggle this on and your energy will not deplete.

Numpad 4: Super Boost - don't even think of using this without the Damage Reduction option.  This option moves your vehicle at super speed.  In fact you may have to let up on it for ramps!  Complete the races much more quickly!

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