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Planet Coaster: Trainer +6 v. {CheatHappens.com}
05.01.2017, 21:58

Activating this trainer:

Press F1 at main menu.

Listen for 'Trainer Activated'.

Press desired hotkey. All hotkeys can be changed on the trainer.


Trainer Options:

NumPad1: Change Money By 5000000

NumPad2: Perfect Guests Needs

NumPad3: Set Skill Level Of Selected Staff To Master

NumPad4: Perfect Staff Happiness

NumPad5: Perfect Maintenance Status

NumPad6: No Refurbishment Required


Editor Options:




Perfect Guests Needs: While active your guests are pretty much satisfied.

Set Skill Level Of Selected Staff To Master: Select a staff member and open the skill level page. Press hotkey and this staff member is fully trained.

Perfect Staff Happiness: While active the staff is pretty much satisfied. Game must be unpaused for it to work and it takes a few seconds until changes are visible.

Perfect Maintenance Status: While active rollercoasters have a perfect maintenance status

No Refurbishment: While active refurbishments are no longer required.



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