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Football Tactics: Trainer +2 v10.21.2017 {MrAntiFun}
24.10.2017, 11:36


F1 - Active trainer
F2 - Selected Player Max Energy
F3 - Selected Player Drain Energy
F4 - Set Action Points 99
F5 - Set Action Points 0


Its obvious that max energy is for player footballers and drain for enemy, Hover over an enemy player then activate drain energy and it will drain all his energy, Hover over your player and activate max energy cheat and it will max it out
Action points will effect whoever turn it is, If it is enemy turn and you use action points 0 it will set action points to 0, So you should use Action points 99 at the start of your turn only.

DOWNLOAD (4.42 Mb)After downloading .zips file rename the file to .zip
and open it with any compression program

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