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DOOM: The Roguelike - Trainer +4 (DRL {CheatHappens.com}
04.01.2017, 22:53

Using this Trainer:

Launch the trainer first, then launch the Game and then Press F1 at the Main Menu.

Listen for "Activated".

Press desired option key


Options in Promo:

Numpad 2: Unlimited Ammo



Numpad 1: Unlimited Health

Numpad 2: Unlimited Ammo

Numpad 3: No Reload

Numpad 4: Fast Level Up



Numpad 1: Unlimited Health - toggle on and most things cannot kill you

Numpad 2: Unlimited Ammo - toggle on and your ammo will not deplete when reloading.

Numpad 3: No Reload - toggle on and many weapons fire without needing reload.

Numpad 4: Fast Level Up - toggle on and your EXP increases faster.

DOWNLOAD (450.5Kb)After downloading .zips file rename the file to .zip
and open it with any compression program

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